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Newbold Heritage Group New Lount Colliery Heritage Trail

Welcome to the New Lount Colliery Heritage Trail.

The Heritage Trail describes the industrial heritage which this site represents. Some of the original features of the colliery have been exposed to give a sense of what New Lount Colliery was about. There are 7 interpretation boards across the site. You are invited to stroll around the site to see those old colliery features and examine the interpretation boards, which relate some of the history of the New Lount Colliery. Each of the interpretation boards deals with a specific aspect of the colliery; the boards can be read in any order you choose.

Since the colliery closed in 1968 nature has been reclaiming the site with a little help from ourselves. As you walk around the trail there are opportunities to observe how nature is carrying out its repossession.








Trail Board 1