Current and Recent Activity

The Newbold Heritage Group (NHG) is strongly committed to improving the facilities in our area, and to the collection and collation of information. We want more people to have access to it all. NHG Members meet on most Wednesdays in the Cross Keys in Newbold at 7;30. Anybody is welcome to have a pint and a chat.

Information Boards

Recently NHG installed Information Boards across the Nature Reserve. This is to help adults and children to gain a better understanding of the features in the proximity of the boards. This included geographic, ecological, industrial and transport data as appropriate. We have applied for funding to complete the first steps.

Data Repository

NHG already have a quantity of information that cannot be contained in the website. Some of this is unique and therefore not even available in the local libraries and museums. Since it would be a shame to lose this, for example, when someone has a house clearout, we need to find a suitable home.

Discussions are underway to find a place to keep this. The artefacts have to be easily accessible to interested parties, so has to be properly marked, indexed, and safely stored to prevent loss and deterioration. Some of it could be scanned and held in an on-line repository, but other elements are such that a computer database with web access, could not be utilised.

When we find the most suitable options, we shall produce a business proposal and pursue the relevant bodies and the public, for the necessary funding.


We are aware that a number of organisations provide cash for the development of heritage areas, rural communities, leisure facilities, etc.

In late 2013, we embarked on a campaign to apply for grants from such organisations.

Until we have some idea of the levels of funding we may receive, we cannot define in full, the scope of the projects we could undertake.

In the meantime, the NHG committee members are continually involved in fundraisers around our village. Some of these activities are designed to promote interest in the area and the photographs and papers we have. Others are designed as get-togethers to just have some fun and raise some cash.